Wool is great for neonatal babies

Babies love wool!

Did you know 100% wool is a beautiful natural fibre that importantly is breathable? (unlike synthetics and acrylics, which can cause a baby to sweat and overheat).  Babies born early cannot regulate their own body heat and the use of wool is key to ensuring their body can focus on growing and developing.


What should I knit?Woollen blankets

While 100% woollen items of all shapes and sizes are gratefully accepted, if you are considering knitting, please be aware that we often go through periods of time with an abundance of certain items, and much less of others.  It's also important to note that babies generally don't wear anything whilst they are in an incubator, it's not until they get into an open cot when they're a bit bigger that they are then able to wear clothing.  For this reason, please aim for closer to a new born sized garment.  

At the moment we have a very large supply of smaller booties and beanies. The following items we have less of and would be greatfully received:

  • New born size cardigans
  • Cot / Bassinette size blankets, approx. 60 x 65cm in size
  • New born size singlets
  • Squares approximately 10cm x 10cm in size. These can then be sewn together to create blankets by our volunteers

A free cardigan pattern can be found here, but you are welcome to use your own patterns too! 

Garments can be posted to the following address. We will then, as part of our co-ordination, distribute to the units most in need of the particular items:

   The Neonatal Trust
   PO Box 9366
   Marion Square
   Wellington 6141


Do you accept crochet items?

Yes absolutely!  As long as it's made from 100% wool, we will gratefully receive crochet items


A massive thank you to all who knit to support neonatal families and their babies!  Be proud that your support helps to make a difficult start to life that little bit easier for families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey.



Healthy brainThe benefits of knitting

Knitting and crocheting are often associated with friends and family. The craftwork in progress may be intended for a loved one or perhaps it is being created while in the company of friends, family or a social knitting group. Knitting is a fantastic hobby for individuals and the basic stitches are very easy to pick up. 

The act of knitting is recommended to peoples of all genders and ages as it provides unexpected benefits for both physical and mental health – with the enjoyment and satisfaction factors on top of this. 

Here are 5 things to know about knitting:  

  • It can help with managing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • It keeps your brain healthy
  • It can help your motor skills
  • It is a meditative act
  • It instils pride upon completion 

Read more details on the benefits, in a document easy to print or share, here.

Thank you to The Neonatal Trust's Partners